What is a....?

Web design refers to a process or a method to design a website. So what are websites? Websites are basically the collection data, in an organised manner and is placed on the server. 

Again a new term! What is server then? To explain in simple language, server is just a computer on which a space is provided to put your data/webiste. This is called hosting. 

In modern E-world, entire new subject has evolved. Rather then web design, it is called web development. Web development includes webdesign, server side scripting to add user interactivity and further SEO. SEO is search engine optimization. To put simply, SEO aims at optimising site design so that it is readily accepted by search engines and can have better page rank.

This blog will emphasis on webdesign in particular. Web design is a vast subject. It further includes HTML, CSS, CSS3, Javascript (a kind of browser scripting), Dreamweaver etc. What are all there entities? You will understand over the period of time. Once you will spend some time with this blog.

We shall start with HTML. The most basic language need to be learned to become a successful web designer.

Good luck!

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