What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. In plain language, I can say it is a coding that tells the browser what to display, where to display and how to display. You can create a simple website using HTML. When you will be in learning mode there will be many questions popping up in your mind. And that is the most important element in learning process.

But please keep your question live in your mind. Slowly and steadily you will take a grasp of it. As you will learn, you will start inventing how to do these advanced functionality. Also many functions uses other coding except HTML.

Websites are basically of two kinds:
  • Static website : 
    • This can be created purely using HTML. These websites provide information but does 
      not have any user interactivity.
  • Dynamic website: 
    • This can not be created only with HTML. Of course HTML is must. 
    • This kind of website have user interactivity such as login and logout feature, comments etc.This kind of website includes server side scripting such as php and asp.net which is a kind of programming. Coders usually perform this work.
So basically, coders add interactivity to websites whereas designers set out the appearance of the website.

What software do you need?
Just a plate notepad. However I use notepad ++ or context text editor.

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