HTML - Starting with it!

Today we are going to create our first web page. For that, open your preferred text editor. I use context programmers editor.

Understanding structure of web page:
You must have seen tons of website while surfing net. All of them differ in appearance and layout. Still basic structure of HTML remains same. You will realize this if you take a moment to see the source code of the web page. Right click on any webpage and then click view page source. Whatever you see then would be the source code of the webpage. It is the actual coding of the page.

Html is basically made up of number of Html tags. Html tags are like "bricks" and Html is like "building". Depending upon your requirement there are various kind of tags each with its own meaning and use. However; few of them are must for any damn html document. These are
  • HTML 
  • HEAD 
  • BODY
All the html tags start at some point and end at some point. E.g. starting of html tag is shown as <html> and ending of it is shown as </html>.

  • <HTML> are used to indicate the start and end of html document.
  • <HEAD> are used to include the data and description about webpage. This include many other tags such as meta tags and title tags.
  • <TITLE> are used to include description about webpage. This appears at title bar of browser.
  • <BODY> contains the actual content of webpage. 
Let us see the video lecture so as to understand things completely:

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