Adding a horizontal line

Horizontal line is used in webpage to separate one block of content from another.

Horizontal rules must occupy a line by themselves and cannot appear within a paragraph.

<HR> tag is used to add a horizontal line. Just put this tag where you want to draw a line and you will see the line there.

Thickness and length of a horizontal line can be defined using the SIZE and WIDTH attributes.

Let us see the structure:


X is the thickness in pixel and Y is the % of page you want the line to extend.

By default, the browser displays horizontal rules with shading, giving the lines a three-dimensional effect.

How do I make line appear solid?

  • This can be done using NOSHADE attribute within <HR> tag. It will appear like

How to change color of horizontal line?

  • This can be done using COLOR attribute within <HR> tag. It will appear like
    <HR COLOR=”?????”>

  • Replace ????? with the color code as given in this table.

See the video below:

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