Changing background color.

Another important aspect to make your website look better is its background color.

Just like text color background color also creates great impact on users and should be used in proper manner. We will see how to have great color combinations in later tutorials. Presently we shall focus on how to change back ground colors using HTML.

Following points should be kept in mind while choosing the background color:
  • It should be according to the text color. If background color obscure text color it is a kind of negative user experience. See these images and you will understand.
  • Background color should not be gaudy.
  • Use warm and light colors. Sharp colors may pinch in the eyes.
  • Use colors according to the subject of website if possible.
  • Remember: there is a difference between website and a rainbow!

Let us see how to change background colors:

BGCOLOR attribute is used within the <BODY> tag to change the background color.


This is the body of my page.


Replace “X” with the color name or hexadecimal values.

See the list of color codes here.

See the video tutorial for today’s session here.

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